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Refuze to Live Average

Personal Growth – Transcend from self doubt to self reliance. R. E. F. U. Z. E.

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Train To Refuze

T2R Hero Series : Health – Wellness – Self Defense – Connection – Train to be useful. Live of Service.

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Relationship Coaching – Understand Love / Her – Master Communication – Get to the next level – No when it’s over

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Give back: Charity: Water – 663 million ppl live without clean water. – Clean water changes everything. – Get involved

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Driving human evolution. Access to T2R supplements and other researched products.

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Eliminate, Simplify, Delegate and Automate. This is your access to Freedom.

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Nature’s tiniest powerhouse for nutrition.

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"Others highlight your limitations just to justify their own..." - Tony Kates
I wake up FOR this shit, not BECAUSE of it.

My entire life has brought me to this point... Each new experience brought with it lessons for me to consider and apply. Over time, by recognizing my own self destructive patterns and learning to adjust my responses, I have been able to redirect my tragic existence into a life driven by purpose and filled with passion and fulfillment. Through my varying ventures, I pay this information forward in effort to expand the potentials of human existence. What was once thought of as extraordinary can become your starting point... I invite you to join me by aligning your journey with mine and let's Refuze to Live Average together. Push through your own limiting beliefs, as I have, and begin creating the life you always wanted. Anything is possible when you commit to applying the right systems in the right place with the right amount of effort. What's stopping you?! Start NOW...

  • Focused studies and life experience combine in the creation of all my programs. No matter where you are or where you want to end up, I have your solution. Stop accepting mediocrity. Become the best version and expression of you.

  • Your body is your vessel. It's the physical representation of your expectations toward yourself and how you will engage with others. Learn how to maintain and honor it in your relationships and in service to others.

  • Freedom is having access to choices. Who, what, when, where, and how are all options which are abundant and well within our reach. Learning how to harness the power of technology and relationships, you have endless access to this potential.

  • Regardless of your external interests, we all share the same internal desire and benefit of a tranquil mind. Transcend internal turmoil. Creativity can only run free once you silence your monkey mind.

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