October 5, 2015

About Me



The world expands through our creative solutions.  This requires individuals to develop from a place of clarity and confidence.  Our typical upbringing doesn’t leave us in this state naturally.  By working with individuals to regain this, I can not only optimize their effectiveness, but can deepen their relationships, increase their income, and ensure they offer to our world their highest potential.

I want to influence the creation of a positive world for our and future generations..


Working two years at becoming an overnight success, Tony Kates seemingly came out of nowhere to stake his claim on the personal growth industry. Focused primarily on providing solutions around personal awareness, life and career alignment, and self expression. His unique philosophies and strategies share the benefit of having an impact on every part of life. Tony believes we’re conditioned toward limiting our own capabilities and that mediocrity is now seen as good enough. As such, he has set out to prove this new average is far below our true potential and playing victim is unacceptable.

“Refuze to Live Average” is his manifesto. His own life was the platform on which he experimented and developed his curriculum. “I woke up one morning and realized my entire life was a scam… But the main person I was scamming was me. Traveling down an 8 year path of depression and self destruction, in my last moment of desperation I saw a sign. This simple little self defining moment became the catapult of a new mindset. From that instant I began to purposefully deconstruct my life. Redesigning and rebuilding it from the ground up. Most importantly, my new life was being developed on my terms. I’ve taken all I learned and distilled it down into the most effective techniques and strategies. Now I’m using this exact information to dramatically transform other’s all around the world.”

Tony’s story is simple and relatable to everyone. It’s easy to compare his struggles for acceptance and recognition to our own situations. Though the details of his story may differ, the depth of his vulnerability will allow you to feel his pain as comparable to your own. You will also share in his final state of contentment and pleasure as he carries you through his growth offering you the same conclusion and victory.

Recognized by many around the globe for being authentic and energetic. The name Tony Kates is regularly accompanied with; exuberance, determination, honesty, brilliance and passion. He brings a refreshed new light and approach to an industry currently saturated with technical advisers. The time has come for someone with genuine intuition and wisdom to rise to the top.
His style combines the technical aspects of mainstream teaching along with his own self interests and creativity. All this, with real world experimentation, combines into a unique blend of custom created solutions. Many methods are used in distributing his material such as online programs, in person coaching and seminars. Making his content accessible to anyone. At the end of the day, a solution is only as good as the results it provides, and Tony has helped thousands of people just like you immediately realize new levels of potential.

Performing in theater, on camera, and speaking at Toastmasters International, Tony recognized his passion to entertain early. It wasn’t until his true purpose revealed itself which directed his empathetic nature toward a life of service. Expanding his philanthropy as a contributor to Charity: water and Water.org, Tony sees himself participating more in the actual deployment of water solutions around the world.

Currently, you can find Tony continuing to create change in others while still committing to being a student of growth himself. Maintaining daily physical and emotional practices to not only become the best version of himself but also his best expression. “How we express ourselves is how we create, connect, and expand our world.”